Our mission is to empower people around the world with mobility disabilities to:

  1. Significantly improve quality of life through providing availability to robust manually operated all terrain wheelchairs
  2. Enable wheelchair recipients to achieve life’s goals through social participation with juniors, peers and elders in otherwise inaccessible venues.
  3. "Because wheelchairs break, kids grow, and life doesn’t stop when your tire goes flat" Mobility International offers several maintenace plans.


Press Release
Value Priced ATW Wheelchair
Robust for Third World Applications

Jenks, OK. November 8, 2009. The Mobility International, Inc. All Terrain Wheelchair ATW 01 introduced at the 2009 District Convention in Rogers, AR was greeted with enthusiasm by experienced Rotarians. The ATW 01 is a rugged, all purpose manually powered vehicle suitable for both First World city streets and hospitals and Third World terrain. It’s world class engineered, heavy duty construction makes it ideal for passage over the rocks, potholes, bomb craters and the steep ascents and descents characteristic of the road and path ways where it is most needed.

As importantly, the ATW 01 is easy to repair in nearly all venues. The wheels are common bicycle parts; the chair is easily disassembled and assembled to be fixed with commonly available parts. The chair kit available provides both instructions and repair parts to get it back on the road if worn or disabled.
The foregoing performance capability is clear in a review of its principal design advantages as follows:

  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Mountain Bike Tires
  • Side to Side Automatic Flex Suspension for Uneven Terrain
  • Extended Front End for Extra Front to Rear Stability
  • Small Front Wheels to Easily Mount Curbs, Rocks, Roots and Road Holes
  • EZ Replaceable Cushion to Reduce or Eliminate Body Sores

The Mobility ATW is regularly available at no additional charge in camouflage material for venues subject to instability and unrest.

A regular retail $660.00 Chair, the ATW 01 is specially discounted by two thirds of retail for Rotary Sponsored Projects. Mobility prices for Rotary are $250.00 FOB Central USA Dockside and $199.00 FOB China Port. The Camouflage fabric is standard. The Chair Repair Kit is priced based on content suitable to the targeted project terrain and degree of industrialization.

The cost of a container FOB China Ports with 230 ATW 01’s in it is $45,770.00. The cost landed in Central USA is $57,500.00. Landed costs include freight and US duties and port charges. Special quotes are required for destinations other than the Central USA. Prices are subject to change as costs rise and fall.

We need help to accomplish their objective of shipping a container of wheelchairs to Mountain Top Ministries (MTM) in Haiti. MTM is a long established institution of excellent reputation doing great work among the impoverished mountain people of Haiti.

Clearly, there is major need for wheelchairs in Haiti. Although the Haitian mountains are very beautiful, they make it difficult for handicap children, adults and seniors to get around the rough terrain. MOBILITY’S ATW 01 wheelchairs will be a life changing experience for all. Deprived children can now attend school because they can get there on their own and not depend on a parent carrying them.

Mountain Top Ministries

MTM’s longtime principal mission is to provide a Medical and Wellness Clinic as well as to help their fellow Haitian’s take ownership of their nation, one village at a time, to defeat generational poverty village by village. They have long had an enormous need for rugged wheelchairs that can negotiate the very poor road system throughout Haiti and more particularly in the mountains.
Mobility International has a longtime working personal relationship with the Founders and Managers of MTM, Willem and Beth Charles and Ms. Kathy Korge Albergate, MOBILITY’S Vice President of Marketing and Founder of the Red Thread Promise, a nonprofit foundation providing medical care to orphans. Kathy travels to MTM once each month to teach classes in English as a Second Language.

MTM has the resources to accept a container, load them on large trucks, and then load them on smaller trucks for delivery to MTM clinic and other doctor’s offices or clinics in the mountain areas of Haiti. However, funding is needed for “over the road” trucks. The MTM clinic/medical facility would act as the first interior distribution center.

Fortunately, MTM has a well equipped work shop set up on their property and already has the expertise to learn and train Haitians how to assemble and complete maintenance on the wheelchairs. MOBILITY INTERNATIONAL will supply spare parts and maintenance kits assembled to meet the special needs from use of the ATW 01 Wheelchair in the beautiful rugged mountains of Haiti. for more information about our Haiti project contact Kathy at kathy@mobilityintl.com.

For questions, product knowledge or to request further information, view the website at mobilityintl.com, call Mobility International at 918-895-2395, Fax 290-398-6060, write PO Box 35913 Tulsa, OK 74153 or email steve@mobilityintl.com.


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