Our mission is to empower people around the world with mobility disabilities to:

  1. Significantly improve quality of life through providing availability to robust manually operated all terrain wheelchairs
  2. Enable wheelchair recipients to achieve life’s goals through social participation with juniors, peers and elders in otherwise inaccessible venues.
  3. "Because wheelchairs break, kids grow, and life doesn’t stop when your tire goes flat" Mobility International offers several maintenace plans.


History of MOBILITY International
MOBILITY International and associated manufacturing, product development, joint ventureships, partnerships and financing entities and companies owe their tradition of successful innovation and technological excellence to a long, rich and varied background. MOBILITY’s heritage is found in multiple venues in both the eastern and western hemispheres.

In continuous operation since 1949, its foundation in the manufacturing sciences is broad and deep. MOBILITY has been developed from a heritage of world-class innovation through applied research and functional product design in aeronautics instrumentation, sonar detection systems and capital equipment for industry. The foregoing is further strengthened through integrated venture partnerships with manufacturers owning histories of unparalleled competitiveness in mass marketed consumer hardlines and industrial equipment  products.

In summary, MOBILITY’s tradition of excellence stems from extraordinary success through accomplishing high level value added multiples in crossbred product development and process engineering.

A member of the community serving the metal working and synthetic materials industries since 2001, its record of innovation, resourcefulness, and adaptation to new requirements is unprecedented.

MOBILITY’s production facilities operate in an ISO 2000 environment and are pledged to continue to meet these requirements and excel in doing so.

MOBILITY International has proudly taken it is place among the top ranked Global industries.


Office (918) 895-2395 FAX 270.398.6060 * P.O. Box 35913 * Tulsa OK 74153


ATW Wheelchair Model 1