Our mission is to empower people around the world with mobility disabilities to:

  1. Significantly improve quality of life through providing availability to robust manually operated all terrain wheelchairs
  2. Enable wheelchair recipients to achieve life’s goals through social participation with juniors, peers and elders in otherwise inaccessible venues.
  3. "Because wheelchairs break, kids grow, and life doesn’t stop when your tire goes flat" Mobility International offers several maintenace plans.


MOBILITY International

MOBILITY International, Incorporated is a multinational company serving world markets from facilities in North America and China.

The MOBILITY product development, product service and physical distribution facility is located in its Western World Headquarters in Mid South Central United States at the virtual confluence of Interstate 40 East-West and Interstate 35 North-South, on river port and rail hubs for intermodal transfers and within one day's transfer from major container seaports. With offices in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and St. Catharines, Province of Ontario Canada, Integrated is ideally positioned to service the research industry to which it is committed as a major player.

The Eastern World Headquarters is located in the ancient and majestic City of Suzhou, Province of Jiangsu, forty miles Northwest of Shanghai over excellent interstate style inter-provincial highways.

The District in which Suzhou is situated is designated by the Central Government of the People's Republic of China Long Term Investment Office as the High Technology Industrial Product Center. It is the site of the PRC based manufacturing facilities of many of the world's household names in technology classifications.


Office (918) 895-2395 FAX 270.398.6060 * P.O. Box 35913 * Tulsa OK 74153


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